Granite Surrounds & Hearths

We offer a variety of Granite Surrounds & Hearths for your Stove

Fitz Woodburners chooses granite hearths and surrounds for our fire stoves due to their remarkable blend of beauty and practicality. Granite not only adds a touch of timeless elegance to our stoves but also offers exceptional heat resistance and durability, ensuring our customers enjoy not just exquisite aesthetics but also long-lasting, high-performance heating solutions in their homes.

We collaborates proudly with Valley Marble and Granite ™ to offer our customers unmatched precision and elegance in our fire stove surrounds and hearths. Valley Marble and Granite commitment to excellence shines through in their use of highly sophisticated tools and techniques, ensuring the finest stone cuts that not only elevate the aesthetic appeal but also guarantee durability and longevity in every piece they create.

Valley Marble and Granite's fine precision cutting

Valley Marble and Granite use specialist state-of-the art cutting and polishing equipment and have specifically designed our workshop to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Valley Marble and Granite’s saw is a GMM Extra 37 5 axis CNC saw. This computer-controlled saw enables us to cut and shape each slab with precise accuracy.
They also use a Breton CNC which enables us to cut and polish any shape and create draining grooves (including curves), recess drainers, bespoke shapes and details, OG Profiling and hob cut-outs.
Their Marmo Meccanica LCH Magnum Edge Polisher enables us to polish and chamfer slabs up to 60mm thick.

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The colours below are intended just to give an indication of the range of granite on offer. If you have a particular shade or pattern in mind for your project tell us and we can usually find it. Click or tap on a thumbnail for the name of the type of granite and a scroll-through gallery.

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