We provide a comprehensive HETAS approved installation service

  • Free visit & quotation
  • Removal of existing fireplace
  • Building works to enlarge/reduce fireplace size
  • Building of false chimney breasts
  • Flue liner installation (lifetime guarantee)
  • Twin wall factory chimney system installation
  • Stove installation & HETAs registration
  • Supply & fit of hand cut locally sourced green oak mantels
  • Arranging gas safe fire installations
  • Fitting of chimney pots & anti-down draft cowls
  • Chimney stack renovation & roof repair work
  • Chimney sweeping & annual stove servicing 
Wood Burners Bristol
Wood Burners Bristol

Free Standing Stoves

Twin Wall Systems

High Efficiency

Free standing stoves has high efficiency due to the cast iron manufacturing.

Install Almost Anywhere

Due to the nature of the manufacturing and our ability to install twin wall systems, free standing stoves can be added to almost any part of your home

Wide range of designs

Choose from a variety of contemporary and traditional free standing stoves.

What is a Twin Wall system?

Prefabricated stainless steel twin wall system chimneys are suited best to houses built without a masonry chimney. Many new homes have been built without any form of chimney to reduce building costs, these homes were often heated by electric/gas appliances but now many customers wish to heat their home with a multi-fuel or wood-burning appliances like the free standing stove. Twin wall systems can be fitted either externally or internally to a building. 

The twin wall system is built either up through the property exiting through the roof or through a wall then up the outside of the building.

Wood Burners Bristol

Traditional Stoves

A minimalistic way of creating captivating designs. Modern, clean and large glass windowed stoves.


Retrofitting traditional wood burners involves updating older models with modern combustion technology, improved insulation, and compliance with safety standards. This process enhances efficiency and reduces environmental impact, allowing homeowners to enjoy the benefits of a more eco-friendly wood burner while maintaining the charm of their existing unit.

Wide range of designs

Choose from a variety of contemporary and traditional free standing stoves.

What is a Traditional system?

A traditional wood burner, also known as a wood-burning stove, is a heating appliance designed to burn wood as its primary fuel source. It emits radiant heat, has various styles and sizes, and requires proper installation with a chimney or flue system for venting. While efficient and charming, they require regular maintenance and may be subject to local regulations for environmental reasons.

Contemporary Stoves

Contemporary stoves can be fitted into your chimney breast, we can make the existing opening bigger, create openings and more.

Highly Efficient

We use the best flue liners to improve efficiency and the environment, whilst meeting regulations.


Contemporary wood burner stoves can be retrofitted into existing fireplaces with relative ease. The process usually involves removing the existing grate and ash pan, as well as cleaning the chimney to ensure safe venting. Custom-sized inserts or adapters can then be installed to fit the stove snugly into the fireplace opening. This retrofitting not only adds efficiency but also preserves the aesthetics of the original fireplace while providing the benefits of modern heating technology.

Wide range of designs

Choose from a variety of contemporary and traditional free standing stoves.

What is a Contemporary system?

A contemporary stove is a modern heating appliance known for its sleek and minimalist design, high energy efficiency, and clean-burning capabilities. These stoves often incorporate advanced technology for efficient heating and are designed to complement modern interior decor. They come with features like precise air control, clean combustion, and various fuel options, making them a popular choice for those seeking both style and functionality in their heating solutions.

What Should I Burn?

All of our stoves are HETAs certified by their Ready To Burn & Quality Assurance schemes, meaning they comply with all regulations surrounding being ecologically friendly by burning the correct fuels. These include:

– Firewood – Including Hardwood, Softwood and a misxture of both.

– Kindling – Made up of very dry & smaller pieces of wood.

– Briquettes – Made out of dried compacted wood, and machine pressed into a log or block.

– MSF – Manufactured Solid Fuels.

If you’d like to find a fuel supplier near you, then you can visit

Importance of Chimney Sweeping

In the recent ‘Call for Evidence’ it was identified to Defra that “chimney sweeps highlighted the point that how a stove is used can have a significant impact on emissions.” The strategy also goes on to state “The stove, fuel and chimney sweep industries have been proactive in recognising the benefits to them and their customers from promoting those fuels, stoves and actions which will reduce air quality impacts. This is making it easier for consumers to understand the benefits of cleaner fuels, appliances and chimneys.”

 On the importance of chimney sweeping and the role of professional chimney sweeps the strategy says “The way in which we use our stoves can have a big impact on air quality and how long the chimney and stove will last. A local professional sweep can help consumers get it right, ensuring that they get the most from their stoves and provide advice on optimum operation. This can help save money and avoid chimney fires.”

Ban on Wood Stoves?

The Clean Air Strategy summarises actions to reduce emissions from domestic burning, clarifying there is no intention to ban wood burning stoves, further supported by the recent publication of the Environment Improvement Plan 2023. Here are the key points of the Clean Air Strategy: 

– Legislate to prohibit sale of the most polluting fuels – legislation which is now in place 

– Ensure that only the cleanest stoves are available for sale by 2022 

– Give new powers to local authorities to act in areas of high pollution, bringing legislation into the 21st century with more flexible, proportionate enforcement powers 

– Work with industry to identify an appropriate test standard for new solid fuels entering the market 

– Ensure that consumers understand what they can do to reduce their impact from burning – find out about Defra’s Burn Better campaign 

Wood Burners Bristol
Wood Burners Bristol